Cheru Berhanu

Hello! I'm a 17.07 y/o maker & student. As of 1 day ago, I'm in Burlington, VT

I'm fascinated by technology, design, and math, and love building projects that combine each. Currently, I'm most interested in exploring machine learning and embedded applications.

Aside from computers, I love music, both performing it (on the violin) and listening to it. My favorite artists include Shostakovich and Baby Queen.


I'm an engineer at Hack Club, where I create technical infrastructure to help high school students learn to create things with technology. (Teenager? Join us!)

In my free time, I'm working on an open-source brain-computer interface called Monolith. Our goal is to create the most accessible way to connect minds and machines.

I'm part of Green Mountain Robotics, a FIRST Robotics team, and I lead software development.


I've run a couple of hackathons: Vermont's first high school hackathon, Epoch VT, and then Harvest, Vermont's first gender-focused hackathon.
If you're in high school, I'd strongly reccomend checking if there's one being run near you. Events like these have changed my life for the better.

I competed in the 2023 season of FRC & FTC. My FTC team went undefeated in our state's qualifier touranment (2nd place overall), and my FRC team made it to the world championship in Houston.
Over the summer of 2023, I also volunteer-ran three weeks of robotics summer camps for middle and elementary schoolers.

I graduated from high school this year, a year early, to take a gap year working as a software engineer.


You can find me in various places on the internet. Usually, I use the moniker recursiveforte:

Feel free to reach out about anything at [email protected]!

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